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PBN Builder Kings is owned and operated by:

PBN Hosting SL
NIF: B67714840
Address: Calle Colon 26, 5-D
Alicante, 03001, Spain

Email: oficina@pbnhostingsl.com

PBN Builds

  1. We will deliver your builds as fast as possible. The exact time frame will depend on how many are currently in the build queue. You agree that we can not be held responsible for delayed delivery, due to circumstanced beyond our control.
  2. We aim to deliver all standard orders (25 websites or less) within 5 working days. For larger orders (Orders of more than 25 websites) you will need to check with us the estimated time of order completion. If you do not check this, then you can not hold us responsible for for delivery times that are delayed beyond your expectations. And it most certainly does not create any grounds for a refund (be it partial or full). In any event, we assure you that we always do our very best to deliver your orders as fast as possible.
  3. The content we create on your websites, are based on your main niche and topics (or those closely related). Unless agreed otherwise in writing, prior to order commencement. You accept that we will create the content based on our own knowledge and suggestions.
  4. You accept and understand that custom color schemes, logo designs and similar website items, are not chosen by you. We will create them in line with best working practices and at our own discretion. And you understand that no requests to change this items is possible. And such items not be to your liking, do not create and grounds for refunds.
  5. You accept full liability and responsibility for all copyright, Trademark, royalties and other applicable laws. We are in no way accountable for any of the same.
  6. You accept and understand that all websites we build for you, are built using WordPress. And we do not offer any support or help on how to use WordPress or on how it functions.
  7. We will deliver to you a fully functional website. That works in the way it is intended. However, you agree and understand that its your responsibility to keep the websites in working order. And any errors or compatibility issues etc that occur after delivery, are not our responsibility. And its not for us to help you solve them. It is your sole responsibility.
  8. You understand that we do not provide revision requests. The only exception being, if we have done something fundamentally incorrect or missed something out. Then of course, we will solve it for you free of charge!


  1. Any domains you purchase as part of your service. Will be transferred to the domain provider where they are currently registered. It is your responsibility to ensure you have an active account with the stated domain registrar.
  2. You must provide us with the details needed to transfer the domains, no later than 24 hours after we request it. We will use any reasonable channel of contact to request them
  3. You must accept the transfer request within 24 hours of it being invoked. Your registrar will notify you (usually by email) of the incoming transfer request.
  4. You understand that if you do not accept the domain transfer, the domain will not be renewed and you will loose all access and rights to the domain.
  5. You agree that if you have not accepted the domains within 7 days of the initial transfer request. The domains will return to our sole ownership and you loose all rights to use, access and anything more to the domains.
  6. You understand that all Domains have backlink crawlers and SEO tools blocked many tiers back. This means their metrics are not fully visible in SEO tools and similar. You acknowledge this and understand that not being able to see their full metrics and back link profiles. Is in no way grounds to issue, request or attempt a refund.


  1. You understand that any advice or help we provide you with. Be it charged or free. Is exactly that, advice and help. It does not create a contract, guarantee or anything similar.
  2. Any help or advice we provide you with. Is done so in the good faith. And we can not be held accountable for any results that do not go to plan. Or any changes in algorithms at a later date, that render our hep and advice incorrect.
  3. You agree that we can not be held accountable in any way. For any lose of revenue or anything similar, as a result of you or us implementing the advice or help in anyway.


  1. Refunds are not given and can not be requested. The only exception being, if we fail to deliver your order in the agreed time frame. A time frame that was agreed in writing and we can not provide reasonable proof to justify the delay.
  2. You agree that under no circumstances will you try to use the mechanisms in place, to create a payment claw back or try to force a refund for anything that falls outside of our refund policy. This includes such thing as card charge-backs or using PayPal to open a case to try to force a refund. You understand of you do try to use these payment provider mechanisms, you will be charged $500.00 in legal charges that is due immediately and must be paid within 24 hours. This will be used to fight your requests and restore our good standing. As well as compensate us for the time spent on doing so. You also understand and agree, that you will be 100% responsible for paying for all our legal and other connected fees in relation to legal action taken against you to recover the money owed including the initial legal charges. As well as recovery of all monies, time and other revenue lost as direct or indirect result of your actions against our terms and conditions.

General Terms

  1. You agree that we can not be held responsible for any legal issue, indexing issues, ranking drops or any lose of revenue. As a result of using our products or services. We do everything in good faith always. And you can not hold us responsible now, or at any time in the future.
  2. We reserve the right to update our terms and conditions at any time. Without giving you notice. And the published terms and conditions will supersed any former ones.
  3. All ownership rights, usage rights, copyrights etc pass to you at the time we complete the order. These will remain yours unless payment is withdrawn at a later date by any means or method. In which case, you agree that all rights pass back to us and you must return the domains within 24 hours as well as the websites and everything we provided you with to the fullest extent, without the right to any compensation from us.

LAST UPDATED: 11th Match 2023

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